Monetize The Online Presence Of Your Locally-Based Business

An Online Presence Audit will help you capitalize on your strengths and prevent digital disaster.

Common disaster paths for business owners

  • Relying heavily on referrals and repeat business
  • Sales flipping between feast and famine
  • Working long hours and trading family time for overtime

Whenever sales dip, do you get that nervous feeling your competition is creeping in?

Plan Ahead

  • Your competition is not much further ahead of you, if at all (we’ll prove it)
  • If you have an Online Success System then you’ll leave your competition in the dust

Do you really want to stay where you are?

  • Watching one your competitors become the new local industry leader
  • Failing to make technology work the way you want
  • Hoping the same thing you’ve always done will keep bringing in business

An online success system will monetize your online presence.

  • Attract more of the business you want
  • Repel the business you don’t want


  • Maximize your lead quantity and average sale total
  • Avoid wasting time and ad spend


  • Increase family time
  • Prevent overtime

Claim access to the tools you need to effectively control your Online Presence

What does online success look like for your business?

Use the tools below to find out

  1. Online Presence Audit – Free - Get Started
  2. Core Toolkit to monitor your Online Presence - Free
  3. Trial Toolkit to manage your Online Presence for 1 month - $1
  4. Ideal Online Presence Blueprint - Free (by application only)

Imagine this…

If you were trying to collect water
would you pour it into your mouth
or into a bucket?
A bucket of course
You would also automatically make sure to
plug any holes the bucket may have first
Advertising is like water when you’re thirsty
Pouring some in your mouth is great for now
Pouring the majority in a bucket is smart for later

   But… HOW? Thinking Emoji 

3 steps to an Online Success System

  1. Get an Online Presence Audit – Get Started
    A personalized report that analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of your Online Presence and shows how you stack up against your competition
  2. Apply for your Ideal Online Presence Blueprint
    A hand-crafted blueprint of technologies and services that form your Local Business Online Success System
  3. Select your preferred Online Presence Construction
    Select the method of construction that’s right for you

Constructing Your Online Presence

Method of Construction
Service Level
None Coached Fully Done-For-You
Support Level
Billing Only Support tickets, one at a time, responded to by a tech expert Email, chat, AND the direct line to your project manager
Rate of Success
Good Faster Fastest
Tech Setup
You You Marketing Logistics

See your competition… in the rear-view

Whatever you are doing online now, do you know how well it is working?

Can you get new business at will with it?

When your referrals slow down and there is a lull in your repeat business, do you have a way to get new business at will?

Would that make payroll tight?

If sales are flipping from feast to famine, then your staff are probably also flipping from overtime to wasting time

That’s when your family notices how much you’re trading family time for overtime

Do you really want to wait and see what your competition does?

Outshine your competition and monetize your Online Presence with a Local Business Online Success System

Start with an Online Presence Audit

Stop trading family time for overtime

Not-So-Secret Bonuses

When you get your Online Presence Audit, you will also receive two emails with bonuses

First Email Bonus - Core Toolkit

Click the link to verify your email address and monitor your Online Presence

Gain immediate access to the Core Local Business Online Toolkit 


  • Local B.O.S.S. Results Tracker - Where all of your online data comes together to form a clear picture of your results
  • Listing Builder & Monitor - Track important instances of your Name, Address and Phone Number on directories and ensure your market finds the right information about you
  • Advertising Intelligence - Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram ad results combined in one place for easy comparison
  • Social Media Tracking - Track the results of your organic efforts across multiple social media channels
Second Email Bonus - Express Toolkit

You will have the option for $1, ONE dollar, to get the Express Local Business Online Toolkit

The Express Toolkit includes a one month trial of four tools to manage your Online Presence with

You will also receive unlimited use of six tools to help communicate with people online and stay organized


  • e-Commerce Website (1 month) - A WordPress based website with the famous WooCommerce plugin already installed
  • Reputation Management (1 month) - A follow-up tool that highlights all mentions of you online so that you can join the conversation. This includes reviews and enables you to respond right from the dash or link directly to the site to reply
  • Text & Email Tools (1 month) - Specific tools to generate buzz about your brand on social media
  • Social Media Management (1 month) - Schedule posts days or weeks in advance to block your time and respond to social media conversations right from this dash
  • Local B.O.S.S. Task Manager - Task management for marketing administration tasks
  • Leadbot - A chatbot for websites designed to do one thing, get contact information from your online shoppers
  • Live Chat - A live chat tool you can use on landing pages, emails, social media profiles or websites
  • Lead Capture Tools - A packaged set of tools that you can add to your landing pages and/or website to get more leads
  • Follow-Up Tool - Automated email follow-up with people who visit your physical location
  • Screen-sharing Tool - Screen-share with your customers to provide top level remote sales service if a customer can’t make it to your location - Covid-19 inspired addition

Take a sneak peak at how the Express Local Business Online Toolkit can help you monitor and manage your Online Presence

Monetize your Online Presence Now

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